March 2018

We’ve all seen it before a time or two.

A car is driving around with mismatched paint, and it looks horrendous. Whether it’s a circular spot where there was clearly a dent, or the hood was replaced and is now a dull factory tone rather than the vibrant color it once was. Or that beautiful white boat that looks great except for the yellowish blotch on the hull that shows where a repair was made.

Whatever the case may be, the need for gelcoat or paint color matching has likely been apparent to you at some point or another.

The experts at Hassis Paintworks are trained, licensed, and certified to color match paint and gelcoats. We pay a level of attention that is unmatched by other shops in this day and age, simply because we care about the product and quality that we are putting out there. And after all, you’re paying for this service — so why not give you exactly what you’re looking for?

When it comes to marine or auto paint matching, nobody in Stillwater does it better than Hassis Paintworks — that’s why it’s right there in our name.

But why is this service important? Well, there are actually many reasons. Here are just a few reasons why marine and auto paint color matching is important after a scratch, gouge, dent, ding, or accident:

Aesthetic: Of course, one of the most important reasons why marine and auto paint matching is so important is so that it makes your boat or car look good. Nobody’s going to be visually impressed by a boat or car that has unmatched body panels or obvious signs of sloppy repair work. Color matching will make your car or boat look like new again with no signs of any repairs.

Value: Chances are, you’re not going to be in possession of your current vehicle or boat for the rest of your life. If it’s a newer make or model, you might even be able to sell it and recover a decent amount before buying a new one. However, if your car’s paint is ugly and unmatched, then your car’s valuation is going to drop significantly. And if your boat’s gelcoat or paint show signs of repairs, this may hinder a sale.

Convenience: The final reason why marine and auto paint color matching is an important service is simply because it’s available. Why have a multi-colored vehicle or discolored boat when you don’t have to? Remember that you are paying the repair facility to repair damage and restore to pre-accident condition. While other repair facilities may simply go through the motions when repairing or refinishing, Hassis Paintworks pays a level of care and attention to detail that is unmatched when it comes to finding the right color match. We have more than 20 years of experience in marine and auto paint color matching, which means we are very knowledgeable and you can clearly see this through our work.

How Reliable Is Marine and Auto Paint Color Matching

Color matching from a professional shop like Hassis Paintworks is 100 percent reliable. Hassis Paintworks specializes in color matching, which creates amazing results when doing all repairs, refinishing, and repaints. Our marine and auto technicians utilizing the latest in technology, along with 20-plus years of experience to ensure a proper color match and a remarkable finish.

When it comes to marine and auto paint color matching, nobody does it better than Hassis Paintworks. Bring in your vehicle or click here to get a free auto paint matching estimate today.