Boat Winterizing & Storage

Let Us Take Care of Your Boat Over the Winter With Boat Winterizing

Hassis Paintworks offers winterizing and outdoor boat storage at an affordable rate.

No more worrying about where to get your engine winterized and then bringing it somewhere else for shrinkwrapping and then get it over to storage in a timely manner so you don't lose you spot. At Hassis Paintworks we make it easy, as we are a one stop shop! Just drop your boat off at our facility when your done using it for the season and pick it up when it is convenient for you in the spring - we will take care of the rest.

Choose from a variety of different options including: winterizing engine, oil change, gear lube, drain water system, acid wash, buffing, shrink wrapping, etc.

No Trailer, No Truck, No Problem! We Provide Pickup for Winterizing and Boat Storage

If you don't have a trailer or your truck is in the shop, Hassis Paintworks also offers a pickup / drop off service for your boat or personal watercraft for an additional fee. We will come pickup your boat at the end of the season, winterize, shrink wrap, and store your boat through the winter months. At the start of the new season, we will deliver your boat back to you.

Boat Winterizing Services with Pricing 2022:

  • Winterizing Engines (Does not include parts, tax, or maintenance services)
    • I/O (Inboard/Outboard) $225.00
    • Generator $140.00
    • Kicker Engine $75.00
    • Outboard $115.00
    • PWC $180.00
  • Oil Change (Does not include parts or tax)
    • I/O (Inboard/Outboard) $110.00
    • 4 Stroke Outboard $110.00
    • Transmission/V-drive $75.00
    • Generator $90.00
  • Outdoor Storage $18.00 per foot
  • Shrink Wrapping - (Length includes what gets wrapped such as outboards and trailer items)
    • Up to 23' $18.10 per foot
    • 24-29' $20.35 per foot
    • 30-34' $22.10 per foot
    • 35-37' $24.25 per foot
    • 38-44' $26.00 per foot
    • 45-49' $28.65 per foot
    • 50' and up $29.50 per foot