Boat Flake & Color Matching

Boat Flake & Boat Gelcoats With Precise Color Matching

Hassis Paintworks works a great deal with flake and clear gelcoats and knows how to make the flake on your boat match with a repair. There are many different sizes and colors of flake and getting it to blend with the current flake on your boat is definitely an art. Hassis Paintworks in Stillwater strives to achieve expert color matching when we do gelcoat repairs, refinishing, and repaints. Our technicians specialize in color matching, which creates amazing results. We have over 20 years experience in gelcoat repair and, most importantly, color matching.

When choosing a repair facility make sure the repair facility is knowledgeable in spraying flake. Boats are not inexpensive and the last thing you want is to pay for a repair, which if not done properly may leave the repair area still visible. Any visible repairs will make the value of your boat decrease.

It takes extreme precision and know-how to color match and perform gelcoat repair in these scenarios. At Hassis Paintworks in Stillwater, we’re well-versed in all sorts of gelcoat repair and color matching. No matter the project, our experienced team can perform the job with excellence and high quality. We also do manufacturers warranty repairs, which also shows our quality of workmanship.

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